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PRESS RELEASE,  February 2002

Open letter to Dr. Klaus Schwab
Founder and President of the « World Economic Forum Â» 

"The earth is round so that no one can hide in the corners" 

Your decision to transfer the « World Economic Forum 2002 Â» to New York is a brave one: it is a challenge and its meaning is clear to everyone. In the Swiss newspaper « Le Temps Â» of October 6, 2001 you have announced that this Forum will be devoted to « the fight against terrorism Â» and « the means with which one can root out the evil leading to despair Â». 

No despair can justify a terrorist act – be there 5 or 5,000 victims. Too many observers inundate newspapers with comments and analysis on « despair Â» as being at the root of terrorism even though the authors and those behind such acts are not in the least desperate, but war leaders pursuing what certain people have called “theocratic gangster-like Stalinismâ€