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Geneva, April 15, 2003

Haut du formulaire

Security for Iraqi children and civilians must be ensured

Terre Des Hommes warns against the worsening situation for children in Iraq and calls the UN Security Council to remind occupation forces about their obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Despite initial military success, the lack of effective security measures by Coalition forces has left a situation of chaos and disorder in Iraq resulting in the systematic looting of hospitals, health centres and public institutions. The net effect of this breakdown of civil order prevents the delivery of aid to those who need it most, children.


The International Federation Terre des Hommes (IFTDH) has expressed its concern about the humanitarian situation in Iraq to the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. It also calls on the UN Security Council to remind Coalition forces that effective control of the territory is a legal obligation under the fourth Geneva Convention. “According to humanitarian law, occupation forces shall maintain order, ensure protection of civilians and provide secure and independent access for the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aidâ€